Between our phones, apps, and credit cards, there is a lot of swiping that happens in any given day.

But my most favorite swipe of the day is always with a tube of lipstick, carefully picked out to match my mood every morning.

I’ve long let go of complicated makeup routines, opting for a less is more approach. I’m lucky if I can get a dash of mascara or blush on for the day, but I’m always loyal to my lipstick. And like a trustworthy friend, it consistently delivers by adding a hint of polish to accentuate my otherwise neutral look.

Even if you aren’t into a bold lip, chances are you reapply lipstick much more than any other makeup item. Given the fact that you are also likely to consume a part of what is applied to your lip, it makes the most sense to splurge on the best natural lipsticks. You can even go a step further for ones made with organic ingredients.

I’m definitely not a science expert and will forgo the discussion of toxicity of ingredients in mainstream and traditional lipsticks. But if it’s something you’d like to delve into further, I’ll defer you to EWG’s Cosmetic Database and the enlightening book No More Dirty Looks.

So, though you may not be able to trade in your wool jackets for spring flocks just yet, you can start anticipating spring in late February with these bright eye-catching shades.

Here’s a round-up of my favorite shades that are irresistible for both their pretty packaging and the amazing non-toxic colors for your lips.


Neon Angel by Ilia

Lipsticks from Ilia are perfect for the organic beauty seeker. Their semi-matte lipstick formulas are not too drying and not too creamy allowing you to avoid both the dreaded lipstick on teeth from creamy formulas and lip creases from drying matte finishes — a miracle by lipstick standards. Neon Angel adds a much needed punch of pink that’ll put a pep in your step long before the spring equinox.



Pomegranate by Bite Beauty
The Luminous Creme Lipstick by Bite delivers exactly as the name suggests and more by creating lip formulas that are (though not organic) healthy enough to consume. Bite’s food grade pigments provides vivid colors that are long lasting. This cherry red is such a classic and a staple for any beauty collection.


Coral Blossom by Tarte
As if the whimsical eco friendly packaging weren’t enough, this lip butter from Tarte is a solid introduction for the lipstick shy. Smooth and moisturizing the light coral color creates a natural shine. An added bonus is the light peppermint flavor and tingle that allows you to skip applying a chapstick base.


Demure by RMS

It’s not a lipstick per se, but Lip2cheek by RMS is a stunning line of organic coconut oil based makeup. Though using your finger to apply the color is not ideal when you are out and about, the oils in this formula will work double time providing a pop of color while nourishing your skin. Try it in this soft-pink rose hue for a versatile tint for both lips and cheeks.


Beso Beso by Zuzu
Vegan and natural lipstick line Zuzu Luxe, has a range of pretty colors to choose from. Though not as pigmented as Illia or Bite, Zuzu lipstick is perfected for everyday wear. Beso beso is a lovely bright raspberry shade a that’s a hint darker than regular pink.

Castro by Elizabeth Street Cosmetics
Elizabeth Street Cosmetics is a San Francisco based brand that is inspired by the colorful neighborhood streets that the city has to offer. Formulated and enriched with vitamin E oil and a hint of vanilla, the creamy formula will keep your lips hydrated and scented. One notch above neutral, a swipe of this delicate pink can bring along some California sunshine.

Saucy by Vapour Organics
A lipstick and lip conditioner hybrid, Vapour Organic’s boasts 70% of it’s ingredients from organic botanicals including essence of myrrh, rose buds, lemongrass, and pomegranate. Though not as long lasting, the moisturizing formula of this is a vivid orange red is fresh and bold.

Nude by Beauty Counter
The gold lip case is enough to say class and grace, but to top it off this tube from Beauty Counter prides itself with a 1 rating from EWG scale (0 being the safest). A true nude lip color that is somehow sexy and flirtatious despite its lack of color. Perfectly matched for a lazy weekend with tousled hair.


*Bonus Lipcare Video*
Check out this tutorial on for a simple and quick DIY lip scrub from pantry items in your kitchen.


Do you have any favorite natural lipstick brands? What shades are your go-to’s? Let’s swap suggestions in the comments below.


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