Have you ever watched a horse race? It’s pretty intense. The horse moves at full throttle, clipping towards the finish line completely focused on the end game. He knows where he needs to go. Everything is shut out except the final destination.

To help the horse stay focused, the jockey uses blinders (also known as “blinkers”), a leather contraption that is placed on either side of the horse’s eyes to prevent it from getting distracted by crowds, other horses, birds, etc.

Imagine if we had a set of blinders that we could use to shut out the noise. If we had such an apparatus, it might be easier to stay in the moment and to see where we are going. We might be able to drown out the frenzy around us . . . or the interference within. We might actually be present in the moment. Completely aware.

While I’m not suggesting that we all need to start wearing horse gear (that would not be fashionable nor practical), it’s useful to ponder why we need to be aware.

Many spiritual teachers remark that the present is all that matters because the past is the past and the future hasn’t happened yet.

Or some such thing.

But there is another reason why the present moment is so important.

When you are deeply aware of the now, you are able to create mindful decisions about your future.

Which means you’re squarely in the driver’s seat, much like the jockey on the horse. You’re taking full-on responsibility for the next move (or lack of movement – because yes, you can choose to do nothing at all).

Think about that for a minute. It’s powerful stuff.

Being present gives you the ability to be cognizant of your motivations, limitations, what’s happening around you and within you, and other factors or people that might be influencing the situation.

This hyper-awareness lends to lucidity. With that comes the ability to create life on your terms, rather than being a passive bystander and assuming that somehow life “happens” to you.

Your thoughts and reactions determine your future. And that can only happen when you are totally, utterly aware of where you are at this moment.

Breathe that truth in.

Know that every gorgeous moment counts.
The present is powerful.
And so are you.
Get in that saddle and giddy up to the future you want.


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