“Kissing – and I mean like, yummy, smacking kissing – is the most delicious, most beautiful and passionate thing that two people can do, bar none. Better than sex, hands down.” ~Drew Barrymore

A first kiss is Part One of an amazing tale. It’s your introduction, the preface, your initiation into a pivotal moment with another person. It shifts the story between two people. Whether it be an impromptu New Year’s Eve kiss, a “good morning” kiss with a side of tousled hair or a first kiss in a speakeasy, tasting like a smirk & Sazerac. This one single moment, this kiss, can change your whole game plan.

I’m not here to teach you Kissing 101, that’s something you have to learn by doing (*wink*), but instead I want to share what it can feel like when you get lost, and surrender to, an amazing first kiss.

We live in a culture where we’re constantly multi-tasking, are playing different roles, communicating via social media, Snapchat and rapid-fire emoticons. We are often closed off, tense and have become desensitized to slowing down and savoring moments.

Sure we can function on a daily basis, but we’re numb. And sadly, some don’t even know it. Kissing, if we allow it to fully enrapture us, can be the remedy.

And science agrees with me. Kissing has plenty of proven benefits, including the release of endorphins and adrenaline, lowering of cortisol and boosting your oxytocin.

And on a slightly more esoteric level, if we stop, slow down, and start savoring the long, lingering kisses, we can break open our chakras. We can fully awaken and use all our senses. Smell. Taste. Sight. Sound. Touch. Intuition. All of it.

A really good kiss has different flavors: sensual, sweet, primal, playful, the one that makes your insides explode. I like them all with a side of heavy anticipation. The build up becomes silent foreplay. Some kisses are invitations for more: a conversation or a sleep over perhaps. Some are just enough to know that yes, you do indeed want to see that person again. While others tell you, umm, no thanks.

Great kisses can redefine what turns you on, can flip what you think you know on its head and awaken dormant desires or create new ones. To fully embody yourself in this act with another, is the ultimate act of surrender and receiving.

In that moment of a first kiss, you’re connecting on so many levels. Touching one another’s face, exploring their neck and shoulders. The person’s smell can entice you. The sound of their breath compels you. The taste of mint, sweet whiskey or honey lingers on your lips.

Each kiss has a rhythm, a beat and if you both are on the same frequency – magic happens. Magic that makes you stop to just breathe it all in. A smirk forms on your faces when you realize the magic. And then comes that familiar throwback feeling (that sadly so many of us have forgotten) – butterflies.

In that moment, the words “Take my breath away” make sense. Because in that one short moment, they did take it. Far, far away.

You can feel a great kiss throughout your body. Your body is a powerful communicator if you pay attention. The tingling, the warmth, the exhale and the smile. This is connection. Both to the person you’re with, and to yourself. Energies are being exchanged. It’s a sacred dialogue. One that we have to be present to, or we’ll miss it.

The power of a really good first kiss is that it will always linger. We can find it in sweet nostalgia months later. We blink and it relocates us to a place in our past. It helps light shine in our dark places, instantly shifting our mood.

We can call it love energy, sexual energy, a creative force, it is all different and personal to each of us. But let’s all agree, that by upgrading this beautiful act and allowing ourselves to get lost in a soul-melting first kiss . . . we feel fully alive. #LikeWoah.

Tell me about your favorite first kiss. Or what makes a great first kiss to you – I’d love to know! Hit me up in the conversation box below.


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  1. All.of.this!! As a former wall flower and nerdy gal (well,still am really) I experienced my 1st kiss at 14. He was my soul crush and I admired him from afar. So on the day when he stood before me & uttered the words “Would you be mad if I kissed you?” my whole body just melted. I still remember that feeling quite vividly! Although we have moved on and our life paths have veered us away from each other,I often recall that moment. And it gives me butterflies. Still. 🙂

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