When the seasons change I find myself wanting to change EVERYTHING up. My wardrobe, my hair, my food, and most especially, my home. I don’t know you, but I’m guessing you might be the same way.

I’m a firm believer that surrounding yourself with beauty will change just about every aspect of your life- and for me, this almost always starts with indulging my senses at home.

Now before you run out and buy all new furniture for your living room, here are 5 ways to curate, edit, rearrange or artfully add to what you already own:

  • Rearrange some furniture
    When you look at the same things, in the same arrangement day after day, you stop noticing what was beautiful about them in the first place. Take an afternoon to rearrange a few things, and suddenly everything in the room is seen in a different, more beautiful light.Keep it simple and swap a couple of end tables between the living room and bedroom. Or, go for broke and move that couch to the other side of the room where you can sip tea next to the window and listen to birds chirp in the morning. Either way, your perception of everything in the room is sure to change.
  • Curate and display a collection of things that you already own
    I realized recently that I had purchased several vintage alarm clocks at flea markets and thrift stores. I wasn’t trying to create a collection, but there it was. They were scattered about in different parts of the house, so I pulled them all together and made a display on the nightstand in the guest bedroom. The effect of having them all together is certainly more delightful than happening upon them one at a time.Look around. What do you have around your house that could become an instant collection? 3 or more of anything and you’re onto something baby!
  • Repot plants into similarly shaped or colored pots to create stunning (living) tablescapes.
    My weapons of choice are white pots. They make the greens of the plants pop, and they can be found pretty inexpensively just about anywhere- including thrift stores. I’m also a big fan of the variety at IKEA. I keep a random collection on hand both for new plants, and for repotting old ones that need a bigger home. I never have to worry about styles matching, because the white unifies them.For summertime, I laid a piece of fabric down the middle of my table, and arranged the plants artfully on top. It makes a stunning statement when guests walk in the door and cost me exactly $0.What colors speak to you? Maybe a spectrum of blues makes you think of the ocean. Or a collection of orange and red vessels revs up your fiery side. Again, look around. I’m sure you’ll find you’re drawn to certain colors and textures.



  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers (and do it more often than you think you should)
    Want an instant mood boost? Buy yourself flowers. For real. It’s such a small expense but feels truly decadent. Seriously – when was the last time you’ve done this for yourself? I’ll admit, I’m guilty of not doing it as often as I’d like.Yes, flowers can be pricey, but there’s no reason to break the bank. Supermarket bouquets can happily be transformed with just a couple of tricks. I like to buy mixed bouquets, and then separate the different types of blooms to create several small arrangements spread throughout the house. Even the status of baby’s breath can be elevated when displayed alone in a small jar next to the bathroom sink.Alternatively, I’ll buy a couple of bouquets that are all in the same color family and mix put them together for a monochromatic show stopper.
  • Bring the outdoors inside
    It’s no secret. Nature and the outdoors inspires a lot of my work. When I don’t have time to get outdoors as much as I would like, it’s nice to be surrounded with a little nature. Not only do sticks, branches, rocks, and seedpods enhance your decor, the memories of where you collected them instantly transports you back. Putting them on display in a bowl, jar or under a glass cloche will elevate them even more.

Now, I challenge you.

Spend 10-15 minutes looking around your home with new eyes. How can you instantly enhance it’s beauty simply by rearranging, editing and curating? I can’t wait to hear your ideas and inspirations in the comments below!


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