In a recent post from TGWK guest editor Heather Day, she spoke of the mantra she carries around with her each day to keep adults and all of their busy, to-do lists never far from their inner child: “My dear, you don’t have to take this Adulting thing so seriously.”

I loved how true to life this article was, especially as I come of age (somewhat reluctantly) as an adult in the workplace. Somehow, priorities have shifted over the years. We have all become so deeply in the pursuit of #thehustle and cracking some ridiculously thick glass ceilings, that we’re swapping friendship with our inner child over examining what everyone else is doing on our smartphones.

Luckily, my inner child and I are still BFF’s, especially when I’m at work. When you’re trapped for hours in an office, making your own fun can be harder than it seems. At the very least, try perking up your surroundings with these eight items that will undoubtedly make your coffee breaks more fun and equally as productive as reading through your inbox.

8 Ways To Bring The Fun Back Into Your Workday

    If you’re looking for an answer on how to “keep calm and carry on,” it has been proven that coloring works to naturally calm and relax our minds. Grab a coloring book with some brightly colored pencils and stash them away in your drawer for a quick doodling break.
    Nothing indulges your inner tween than using a set of sparkly pens to scribble down today’s to-do list. Add a cute notebook, et voilà – work becomes a bit more fun!
    And what better way to dress up than by adding some gold. This pineapple pencil holder is anything but bland. A pretty (and unique!) way to keep all of your pens and pencils in one place. Plus it never hurts to bring a bit of the tropics to the office.Workday-Fun
    When your day has been the absolute worst, grab your bubble wand, dip it, and start frantically blowing bubbles all over the place. Bubbles are the new version of the stress ball, especially since you can pop ‘em as you go.
    Who says you can’t get your work done while you party? Add a little extra pizazz to your workspace with some garland tassel. String them on the wall above your desk or hang them from a bulletin board to give your little space a festive vibe (cocktails optional).Workday-Fun-2
    Since we keep most of our photos on Instagram these days, pull some of your favorite inspirational quotes and frame + hang them. If you need a good quote to get you started, I love Leslie Knope’s (about how waffles, friends, and work matter in life, but of the three, work always comes last).
    Not what you think. I’m talking figurines. There’s a whole group of people who would reduce these to being “kids toys,” but they’re far from it. Whether you enjoy the nod to pop culture cartoon nostalgia in The Smurfs or are incredibly empowered by Game of Thrones’ Daenarys, add a favorite trinket or two as a means of showing others your interests outside of work.
    Finally, every workspace deserves a mug that you can sip coffee from while reminding yourself that your hard work is taking you places. Get one that includes a fun message to remind you of just how sparkling, #blessed, and amazing you really are!Workday-Fun-3

What are some ways you bring the FUN back into your workday? Share your mid-day pick-me-up’s in the comments below!


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